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Ryoichi Fujisaki








artist website

2019 Jan:

Dodooba, review on the solo exhibition “TELLUS”   |    English Website

2017 May:

Forbes, "Preview Photographs That Will Appear At Photo Basel 2017"  |    English Website

2017 May:

un' apparizione di superfici  review (by Luca Panaro)   |     Italian PDF

2016 Dec:

Bijutsutecho, review (by Nakao Hanae)    |      和文PDF

2016 Jul:

Amana Photo Art , "Ryoichi Fujisaki Interview" (by Yoshiko Ikoma)   |     和文PDF  / English PDF

2015 Sep:

Bijutsu-ya Hyakube 『美術屋・百兵衛』, featured article   |     和文PDF

2015 Sep:

WIRED Japan, featured article (by Kazuya Kotani) | 和文PDF


2015 Mar: 

transcripts/memories, presentation (by Ryoichi Fujisaki)  | 和文PDF

2011 Aug:

Bijutsutecho, featured article (by Takafumi Kobuki and Kotaro Okazawa)  |      和文PDF

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