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Self Motto Satellite 2018 Autumn


Ryota Kikuchi, Kaito Kojo, Azumi Maekawa, Taichi Moriyama

Yuya Obokata, Yoshiki Omote, Sayo Tomikawa (alphabetical order)



■OVERALL PERIOD              

August 22nd (Wednesday)—September 29th (Saturday), 2018


“Intriguing things emerge from the outer (=satellite), not the center!”

Artists who resonated with the artist, Ryota Kikuchi’s concept,

will exhibit their new perceptions of “satellite” in

six different locations that scatter across the area of Kiyosumi Shirakawa.


■Exhibition 1: Taichi Moriyama “TOKYO WET AREA STORY”

                                   August 22nd (Wednesday)—September 2nd (Sunday), 2018

                                   Kissa Laundry

■Exhibition 2: Yoshiki Omote “Gazing up the Earth”

                                   August 22nd (Wednesday)—August 26th (Sunday), 2018

                                   ondo STAY & EXHIBITION 

■Exhibition 3: Ryota Kikuchi, Azumi Maekawa “knowledgescape”

                                   August 25th (Saturday)—September 29th (Saturday), 2018

                                   KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY

■Exhibition 4: Kaito Kojo “How Not to Speak of This Life”

                                   August 25th (Saturday)—September 2nd (Sunday), 2018

                                   HARMAS GALLERY

■Exhibition 5: Sayo Tomikawa “Our Basic Common Link”

                                   August 25th (Saturday)—September 24th (Monday), 2018

                                   LYURO Tokyo Kiyosumi -THE SHARE HOTELS-

■Exhibition 6: Yuya Obokata “PHASE DUCT”

                                   August 25th (Saturday)—September 11th (Tuesday), 2018

                                   art lab Melt Meri  


Saturday, August 25th 18:00—22:00

18:00—19:00                                                    knowledgescape                                    KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY

19:00—20:30          Yuya Obokata              PHASE DUCT                                    art lab Melt Meri  *Viewing is limited to 15 min. per person

19:30—20:30          Kaito Kojo                    How Not to Speak of This Life          HARMAS GALLERY

19:30—20:30          Yoshiki Omote            Gazing up the Earth                            ondo STAY & EXHIBITION

20:30—22:00          Sayo Tomikawa           Our Basic Common Link                   LYURO Tokyo Kiyosumi -THE SHARE HOTELS-

Ryota Kikuchi

Azumi Maekawa


Sunday, September 2nd 17:00—20:00


Kissa Laundry (*Please order a drink per person)

▼Self Motto Satellite Tour

Sunday, August 26th 13:00—17:30

■Time Table■


14:00  art lab Melt Meri

14:45  ondo STAY & EXHIBITION


16:15  LYURO Tokyo Kiyosumi

             -THE SHARE HOTELS-

17:00  Kissa Laundry (until 17:30)

*Free admission, reservation not required

*Anyone can join/leave the tour at anytime

*Please directly come and join at each venues

▼Artist Talk

Sunday, August 26th 18:00—20:00


Kissa Laundry



Tomoko Yabumae

(Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo)

Yuya Obokata, Yoshiki Omote, Ryota Kikuchi

Kaito Kojo, Sayo Tomikawa, Azumi Maekawa

*Free admission (minimum order 1 drink)

*Reservation not required

*40 seats available (first-come, first-served basis)


<Exhibition 1>

Taichi Moriyama “TOKYO WET AREA STORY”


Sunday, September 2nd 17:00—20:00

*Please order a drink per person


August 22nd (Wednesday)—September 2nd (Sunday), 2018

10:00—20:00 Open everyday during the period


Kissa Laundry

2-6-9-1F Chitose, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0025

Ryujin Vending Machine—POCARI SWEAT ION WATER

2017 | ©Taichi Moriyama

I will exhibit “Ryujin Vending Machine—POCARI SWEAT ION WATER” (2017)

and two new works themed on domestic affairs

in the “household room” of Kissa Laundry on this occasion.


Taichi Moriyama

Taichi Moriyama features landscape and nature in his sculpture and installation works. In this exhibition, he will convert Kissa Laundry’s “kajishitsu (household room)” into an exhibition room, and will exhibit works that feature domestic electronics including refrigerators, televisions, and aquariums, and present an expanded interpretation of daily life to the viewers.


The motif of Ryujin Vending Machine is a refrigerator that drifted to the beach of Awashima, a remote island in Kagawa Prefecture where Moriyama stayed for an artist’s residency program. For TOKYO WET AREA STORY, Moriyama will newly add items that drifted also to Toride, where his atelier currently is, as well as Taiwan, where he is invited to make a site specific landscape artwork.

Moriyama was born in Tokyo in 1988. He completed his B.F.A. at Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Fine Arts, Intermedia Art, and M.F.A. at Tokyo University of the Arts,  the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture. Major solo exhibitions include SonkeiChisui (2016, BLOCK HOUSE, Tokyo). Group exhibitions include PLAY OUTSIDE!—From Picnic to Skateboarding (2018, Ichihara Lakeside Museum, Chiba, Japan), and SIDE CORE—STREET MATTERS— (2017, BLOCK HOUSE, Tokyo).


<Exhibition 2>

Yoshiki Omote “Gazing up the Earth”


Saturday, August 25th 19:30—20:30


August 22nd (Wednesday)—August 26th (Sunday), 2018

12:00—19:00 (until 17:00 on the last day)

Open everyday during the period



2-6-12 Kiyosumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0024 | tel +81 3 6240 3673


2018 | ©Yoshiki Omote

Two series will be featured in this exhibition;

sculptures themed on crustal changes titled “Tectonics,”

and two dimensional works themed on our earth’s atmosphere titled “Cumulonimbus.”

My interest is towards the massive time and space,

and where perhaps could we locate our “standing point” within.

Yoshiki Omote

Yoshiki Omote is an artist who transforms immense movements and phenomenal origins into the scale of humans. By reflecting vast phenomena such as tectonics and global atmosphere in which surround our lives—yet difficult to capture from a normal perspective of an ordinary citizen—, Omote converts them into sculptural works that allow physical actuality to us viewers.


Omote was born in Osaka, Japan, in 1992. He completed his B.A. at Kyoto University of Art and Design, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Mixed Media Course, and M.F.A. at Tokyo University of the Arts, the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Department of Intermedia Art in 2016. He currently serves there as a research assistant faculty.

Featuring the theme of “time and space,” his works have been exhibited in group exhibitions including CAF Art Award Selected Group Exhibition (2016, HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO, Japan) and  ART AWARD TOKYO MARUNOUCHI 2016 (2016, Marunouchi Building, Tokyo). Solo exhibitions include NEW HORIZON (2013, Dohjidai Gallery of Art, Kyoto, Japan). Omote was awarded Grand Prize at “The 3rd CAF Art Award” (2016) and Eriko Kimura Prize at “ART AWARD TOKYO MARUNOUCHI 2016.”

kikuch, maekawa

<Exhibition 3>

Ryota Kikuchi, Azumi Maekawa “knowledgescape”


Saturday, August 25th 18:00—19:00


August 25th (Saturday)—September 29th (Saturday), 2018

Tuesdays through Fridays, 13:00—20:00

Saturdays, 12:00—19:00  (closed on Sundays, Mondays, and National Holidays)



4-7-6 Shirakawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0021 | tel +81 3 5843 9128

born #2

2014 | ©Ryota Kikuchi, courtesy KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY


2018 | ©Azumi Maekawa, courtesy KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY

There are places where we can go and can’t go

in the cities where we reside.

Where do these borderlines exist?

Who makes them?

Is it not ourselves who unconsciously draw these lines

within the limits of our daily common views?

The person in the photographs is myself.

My works are a dialogue between the society and my physical body.


Ryota Kikuchi

The emerging process of

how a machine consisted of natural objects

acquire autonomic functions.

Querying the nature of functions different from standardized products,

my focuses are on movements of objects and endemism of time.

Azumi Maekawa

KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY is pleased to present a duo exhibition, knowledgescape, by Ryota Kikuchi and Azumi Maekawa.


Ryota Kikuchi converts his unique perspective as a free climber into the expressions of a contemporary artist, and brings the various hemispheres and borders visible through his works. The whole idea of the project “Self Motto Satellite” is derived from Kikuchi’s concept, which is to actualize the vagueness that lie in between the center and surroundings of matters and incidents.


Azumi Maekawa has a distinctive academic background among the participating artists in this project. He completed his M.E. under Professor Shunji Yamanaka at The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2018. He is currently associated with Professor Masahiko Inami's laboratory at the Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, Doctoral Course. Maekawa discloses the process of how a branch would actively “walk” by itself, and how a function outside of standardized products would become attained.


We look forward to presenting the diverse expressions by the two artists who approach landscapes with their each unique perceptions; one with intelligence and the other with physicality.


<Exhibition 4>

Kaito Kojo “How Not to Speak of This Life”


Saturday, August 25th 19:30—20:30


August 25th (Saturday)—September 2nd (Sunday), 2018

12:00—19:00 Open everyday during the period

*8/26 (Sun) open during 12:00-17:30 only



2-4-7 Kiyosumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0024 | tel +81 3 3642 5660

How Not to Speak of This Life

2018 | video | ©Kaito Kojo

“How Not to Speak of this Life” is consisted of several short videos taken with my smartphone over the recent five years.


I never intended these would become my artwork. I had been uploading them on my social media for no particular reason, which then Ryota Kikuchi, the founder of this project, suggested I should exhibit these videos on this occasion.


Needless to say, our lives are suffused with enticing moments—

no matter whether we perceive them as artwork or not.


I believe it is the attitude of casually finding these moments that could keep us alive in any kind of world.


—Kaito Kojo

Kaito Kojo is an artist who documents small frictions found in ordinary life in the form of video works. Coincidental illusions caused by the reflection of the glass; unexpected moments that occurred accidentally in public places and advertisements—Kojo notices these modest fragments blending into the daily scenes and distills them from their surrounding environments.  

Kojo was born in Chiba, Japan, in 1995. He is currently in his senior year at Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Fine Arts, Intermedia Art. Major group exhibitions include Sentan PRIZE 2017 (2017, Tokyo University of the Arts). Kojo received Ataka Award at the prize.


<Exhibition 5>

Sayo Tomikawa “Our Basic Common Link”


Saturday, August 25th 20:30—22:00


August 25th (Saturday)—September 24th (Monday), 2018

7:00—23:00 Open everyday during the period



1-1-7 Kiyosumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0024 | tel +81 3 6458 5540

Our Most Basic Common Link

2016 | mirror, iron, acrylic, aluminium, paint, wood, LED light | ©Sayo Tomikawa

human beings—the “current” is formulated by the

miracle collective of such existences.

It is also us human dressed in both beauty and ephemerality

who are causing all the confusion and quarrels in

politics, economy, culture, and society.

What is the “basic common link” among us humans?


Sayo Tomikawa

Sayo Tomikawa is an artist who queries the “basic common link” among humans, based on her multi-nationaled background as a returnee student who spent her early years in a different culture. Tomikawa combines various materials such as glass, mirrors, and acrylics, to observe the surroundings of humans and reflect them to exemplify the common links among humans as a collective.


Tomikawa was born in Tokyo in 1991. She studied abroad in Canada since 2006. She completed her B.F.A. at Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Fine Arts, Intermedia Art in 2014, and M.F.A. at Tokyo University of the Arts, the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Department of Intermedia Art in 2016.


<Exhibition 6>

Yuya Obokata “PHASE DUCT”


Saturday, August 25th 19:00—20:30

*Viewing is limited to 15 minutes per person

during the reception due to limited space


August 25th (Saturday)—September 11th (Tuesday), 2018

13:00—19:00 Open on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays


art lab Melt Meri

1-3-13-208 Shirakawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0021

tel +81 50 5889 8568


2018 | video | 25'27" | ©Yuya Obokata

The life insurance sales lady dressed in pret-a-porter is slowly having her candy.  

The parking lot numbers gradually fade away, in the biased city.

The lady gently bites her candy, while she waits for the awaited obituary.


Yuya Obokata

Yuya Obokata is an artist who expresses in the medium of motion pictures. Generating a distinctive world by not only creating the script and story, but also detailed small props used in his own films, Obokata enables another world to appear as though scenting from the screen.


Obokata was born in Gunma, Japan, in 1988. He completed his B.F.A.  at Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Fine Arts, Intermedia Art in 2014, and M.F.A. at Tokyo University of the Arts, the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Department of Intermedia Art in 2016. Major exhibitions and screenings by Obokata include DEFROST (2013, grill gallery, Tokyo), Metaphysica tub (2012, slow time, Gunma, Japan) and h.u.b. (2012, LIXIL:GINZA, Tokyo).

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