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Takashi Suzuki








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鈴木 隆







2017年   人間ホイホイKANA KAWANISHI GALLERY(東京)


2016年    「ムダなルール」BLOCK HOUSE(東京)


2015年     「白線の上を歩きたくなる」ホテルアンテルーム京都 GALLERY9.5(京都)







2017年    規則と帰属 | Rules, AscriptionsKANA KAWANISHI PHOTOGRAPHY(東京)

2014年     「SANDWICH | ANTEROOM」ホテルアンテルーム京都 GALLERY9.5 (京都)


Takashi Suzuki


Artist, programmer, engineer. Suzuki was born in 1986. He completed his B.E. at Keio University, Faculty of Science and Technology in 2008, and his Master of Arts and Sciences at Tokyo University, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, Emerging Design and  Informatics Course in 2010. While in college, Suzuki conducted research on motion analysis including time axis using image processing and research on public art using sound, vibration, video, sensor etc. comprehensively. His work represents human’s unconscious addictive behaviors.



Selected Solo Exhibitions


2017     Human Catcher    KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY  (Tokyo, Japan)


2016     Muda na rule (Needless Rules)    BLOCK HOUSE  (Tokyo, Japan)


2015     Hakusen no ue wo arukitakunaru (It makes me want to walk on the white line)   HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO Gallery 9.5 (Kyoto, Japan)




Selected Group Exhibitions



2017    Rules, Ascriptions   KANA KAWANISHI PHOTOGRAPHY  (Tokyo, Japan)


2014   SANDWICH | ANTEROOM   HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO Gallery 9.5 (Kyoto, Japan)



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