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Takashi Suzuki Solo Exhibition 

"Human Catcher"

Opening Reception

October 14th (Saturday)

18:00 - 20:00



4-7-6 Shirakawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0021 JAPAN




October 14th  (Saturday) — December 2nd (Saturday) 2017

12.00pm - 19.00 pm |  Closed on Sun, Mon, National Holidays


※This exhibition is a regional partnership program of “MOT Satellite 2017 Fall” organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo


Another Ordinary Day (video still)

2017 | video | 10'15" 

© Takashi Suzuki


KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY is pleased to announce the opening of Takashi Suzuki’s solo exhibition, Human Catcher on Saturday, October 14th.



Suzuki was born in 1986, and completed his B.E. at Keio University, Faculty of Science and Technology in 2008, and Master of Arts and Sciences at The University of Tokyo, Emerging Design and Informatics Course in 2010. Solo exhibitions include Muda na rule (Needless Rules) (Block House, Tokyo, 2016), and Hakusen no ue wo arukitakunaru (It Makes Me Want to Walk on the White Line) (Gallery 9.5, Kyoto, 2015). Group exhibitions include Rules, Ascriptions (Kana Kawanishi Photography, Tokyo, 2017).



Suzuki has continuously been focusing on “human unconscious behaviors,” and has been researching and creating artworks around this theme from during his undergraduate studies. Addiction behaviours, which in the artist’s word is “something that humans do unconsciously and without being told, even though unnecessary for living,” connote something that exceeds the consciousness and preconscious of humans and continuously attracts the viewers.



In his master’s thesis titled “A Research of Extracting Addiction Induction Elements,” he verified elements that induct human addiction behaviors from various directions and divers experiments. For example, in one experiment where he measured stress values of examinees under captivity, results proved that stress values were considerably lower when the examinee has set personal rules, such as “I would do xxx if it would xxx.” In other experiments, he also found that “unstable conditions (conditions that evoke danger)” and “conditions that prove time irreversibility (conditions that viewers can see time has passed)” would attract the unconsciousness of examinees likewise. Suzuki’s artworks, consisted from a variety of series,  all condense such elements that trigger human unconscious behaviors.




push Out #4, #5 (detail)

2017 | silicon | 460 × 640 × 110 mm

© Takashi Suzuki


This exhibition would be the first occasion to show Suzuki’s works collectively as a solo exhibition in our gallery. We truly look forward to your visit and experiencing the works that titillatingly attract unconscious of us humans.

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