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Yoshiki Hase Solo Exhibition “DESSIN”


Saturday, June 1st   18:00-20:00



4-7-6 Shirakawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0021 JAPAN

tel +81 3 5843 9128         e-mail


June 1st  (Saturday), 2019 - July 6th (Saturday), 2019

Tuesdays through Fridays, 13:00-20:00

Saturdays, 12:00-19:00  (closed on Sundays, Mondays, and National Holidays)

*Irregularly shortened hours (12:00-18:00) for June 7th  (Friday)

Landscape with a Yellow Curtain 1

2018 | archival pigment print | 630 × 900 mm

© Yoshiki Hase, courtesy KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY

KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY is pleased to announce the opening of Yoshiki Hase’s solo exhibition, “DESSIN” from Saturday, June 1st, 2019.


Yoshiki Hase started his career as a photographer in New York, and spent seven years of activities before returning back to Tokyo in 2006, and has been actively exhibiting his series of artworks. In his 181° series, Hase experimented a new horizon of harmony in the landscape where he added a three-dimensional composition built by himself. In his next series First Composition, he questioned the existence and behaviours of the human species and relationships between the given landscapes surrounding us by suggesting what practice we humans could take when we’d encounter a situation somewhere on the earth or even in outer space.


In the new series DESSIN, which will be showcased in this exhibition in the scale of a solo exhibition for its very first time, Hase takes a step even further and experiments in drawing new dimensions of landscapes. Consisted of assemblies of lines, Hase brings in an object he created himself and fixates the impression and impulsion he felt the moment he encountered the scenery in the nature with photography.


We look forward to cordially welcoming all to the new perspective of artwork the artist has found, where he accepts the wind and sunlight that fills the sky and the land as large components of his works, intaking the natural fluctuation offered by the universe.

“Landscape with a Rose Pink Curtain”

“Landscape with a Rose Pink Curtain”

2018 | archival pigment print | 630 × 900 mm | © Yoshiki Hase, courtesy KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY

“Landscape with a Bronze Curtain in the Woods” | 2018 | archival pigment print | 300 × 430 mm | © Yoshiki Hase, courtesy KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY

“Human Wisdom no.1”

“Human Wisdom no.1”

2017 | archival pigment print | 480 × 320 mm | © Yoshiki Hase, courtesy KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY

Artist Statement

“The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”


——Marcel Proust


I stand within the majestic nature. I am embraced with the unbelievable colors created by the sunlight, below the endlessly alternating cloud and sky. My heart and mind reaches an upwelling state, and comes together as part of the nature at such moment. Yet, I cannot fixate the indescribable experience. That is why I cut the landscape spreading in front of me within a rectangular frame.


It is said that it was much later in history that humans began noticing and started to pay attention to the “landscape.” Starting from the mind of “cosmos” that embraces all creatures, we developed our self-consciousness, and transformed it into the mind of “landscape” which is surrounding but also connected with us. A landscape is not only an expansion of land that spreads in front of us, but also a partial of the nature that our self-consciousness creates, and would reflect the mood, the feeling, the state of mind of a person. In the 17th century, artists who painted landscapes as they visit places started drawing (dessin) at the site, and described their “impressions” of when they encountered the nature that spread in front at the moment.


As I could not express the time and experience I spent there embraced by the majestic cloud and wind of the grandeur nature with photography, instead, I photographed objects that would guide to invoke those feelings (e.g., the atmosphere and the power that existed there). The objects are consisted of assemblies of lines, and perpetually continue to react to the steam of the cloud and wind, at times as an element that expresses the endless flow of the time, or a metaphor of the nature itself.

——Yoshiki Hase

Artist Profile

Yoshiki Hase was born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. He was based in New York from 1999 until 2006 and currently resides in Tokyo. His major solo exhibitions include Refuse to Make Them Happen (2018, G Gallery, Taipei), ENA (2018, KANA KAWANISHI PHOTOGRAPHY, Tokyo),  almost nature (2017, COURTYARD HIROO GALLERY, Tokyo), and 181° (2014, PROJECT Gallery, Tokyo). Group exhibitions include Photo Saint-Germain (2016, Galerie Zlotowski, Paris), and UNSEEN Photo Fair (2014, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam).

The major awards Hase has received include “LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards” (2018, with the series ENA), and “Tokyo International Photography Competition” (2016, with the series First Composition). He presented the series at the competition winners’ exhibitions at Singapore International Photography Festival (2016, Singapore),  United Photo Industries (2017, New York) and T3 Photo Festival Tokyo (2017, Tokyo).

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