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Ryoichi Fujisaki Solo Exhibition

"Material Phenomenon"


18:00-20:00 Friday, July 15th   



3-9-11 Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, 

Tokyo 106-0047 JAPAN



July 15th (Friday) - August 13th (Saturday)

12:00-19:00  |   closed Sunday, Monday, National Holidays 


colored oil 088

colored oil 088

2016  |  archival pigment print  |  ©Ryoichi Fujisaki, courtesy KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY

colored oil 089

colored oil 089

2016  |  archival pigment print  |  ©Ryoichi Fujisaki, courtesy KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY

KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY is pleased to announce Ryoichi Fujisaki's solo exhibition Material Phenomenon, from Friday, July 15th. After presenting his solo exhibition ADDICT at four venues for five-months-in-a-row, Ryoichi Fujisaki held Vector of Energy as his first solo exhibition in Osaka, which acquired a good reputation in his hometown. This exhibition Material Phenomenon will take place as his long-awaited first solo show at KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY.



* * *



The title of this exhibition Material Phenomenon comprehensively represents the essence of his work which Fujisaki creates through varied mediums including sculpture, photography and video. His sculpture work gypsum series consisted of accumulations of misted gypsum; his photography and video work colored oil and metaball series where he documents the spontaneous compositions of liquids arounds his daily life; and his other video work crash series where he consecutively crashes disused appliances and furnitures, involve multiple aspects in common while they seem not having connections with each other at first sight.



First of all, Fujisaki’s work extracts potential values of “materials.” Fujisaki, who worked as a technical director in various creative studios and platforms after completing his M.A. in the Department of Sculpture at Kyoto City University Graduate School of Arts, dramatically elevates familiar materials into prodigious expressions by combining his in-depth knowledge of “materials” with phenomenal elements.



Another citation could be found in his approach of extracting “conditions” and “states” which usually are missed and unnoticed. His works—originating from universal everyday motifs—are created under a heightened concentration with lured contingency by utilizing the physical as an intermedium, which result in a one-and-only presence that only Fujisaki could obtain.



Unconsciousness and concentration, progression and symbolism, physical and material, monaural and multilayered. Although his works may seem as though composed from opposite vectors contradicting with each other, its breathless aesthetics seem only to be generated within the “extreme neutrality” acquired through the mutual repulsions.  


We hope all viewers would enjoy the extraordinary expressions by Fujisaki of everyday substances found anywhere around our everyday lives.



metaball_Material Phenomenon

metaball_Material Phenomenon

2016 | video | 00:18:28 © Ryoichi Fujisaki, courtesy KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY

metaball_Vector of Energy

metaball_Vector of Energy

2016 | video | 00:18:09 © Ryoichi Fujisaki, courtesy KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY

■Ryoichi Fujisaki

Born 1975, in Osaka. Completed M.A at Kyoto City University Graduate School of Arts, Department of Sculpture. Began his artistic career in 2015. Fujisaki creates work purely extracting fundamental matters of materials and phenomenon through varied medium. His solo shows include ADDICT (CC4441 / Seibu Shibuya Alternative Space / SONO AIDA#1 / island MEDIUM, 2015), Vector of Energy (the three konohana, 2016).

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