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date:         March 8th (Sat) through May 10th (Sat) 2014


artists:      Naruki OSHIMA, Takashi SUZUKI,

                   Shunsuke KANO, Hideo ANZE






opening reception: March 8th (Sat) 18:00-20:00



"cognition/recognition" exhibition is a group show of established and arising artists within the photography medium, which suggest new cognitions of nature, society and the universe through their unique yet straightforward method of photography. 

KANA KAWANISHI ART OFFICE is pleased to announce group exhibition "cognition/recognition" from March 8th through May 10th, 2014. This exhibition will exhibit works of established and arising artists within the photography medium which suggest new cognitions of nature, society and the universe through their unique yet straightforward method of photography.


Naruki OSHIMA is an artist depicting "haptic experiences through visual expressions" through his photographic approach. In his latest "haptic green" series, one artwork is consisted from over 200 high-resolution images which a camera captured from one point in the woods. Scanning the scene from left top to right bottom with different focuses, the final images with the multiple focuses blended into one makes people's mind re-experience when stepping into the woods and your mind must re-adjust. His works arise the question of how "seeing" and "experiencing" react to each other.


Takashi SUZUKI will exhibit "ARCA" series and "Altus" series. His "Altus" series resereves an enriching "nothing" in the middle of its artwork, making people realize that what we see is heavily influenced by what it is surrounded by - at times more than what it actually is. His ARCA series is a straightforward photograph with 4x5 large format film camera capturing focuses of a shadow appearing on a surface. ARCA series will be appearing in Tokyo for its very first time.


Shunsuke KANO, the winner of "the 8th shiseido art egg (one of the most prestigious contemporary art awards in Japan)" focused on keywords such as substance/material/layer/circulation/repetition among his creativity, and this time will exhibit artworks of sculptures and prints. "layer of my labor_50" seems as an ordinary box, whereas its surface has been applied a tape on wood, then photographed, then applied its print on surface, and then more tapes and photograph processes. The final surface is a complex accumulation of layers, processes and materials.


Hideo ANZE will show his "FRAMING" series. Amazing to understand these beautiful color gradation images are straightforward photographs of paper boxes crafted by the artist himself.  Although "framing" has always been an important factor of a photograph in general, Anze's work ironically suggests that his work would not become what it is without the fact of "framing". 


Each 4 artists have their unique expression however are in the same standing point on behalf of utilizing "photography" as their vehicle of expression. We hope this exhibition would bring a new suggestion on general everyday daily life.

KANA KAWANISHI ART OFFICEは、2014年3月8日(土)より、グループ展「cognition/recognition」を開催いたします。本展では、写真媒体を表現の軸とする4名の現代美術作家の代表作の展示を通し、写真表現の新たな認識の開示を試みます。


大島成己は、「風景の触覚的な視覚体験」を写真表現を用い再現させる作品シリーズを展開させています。最新作「haptic green」では、木々の中の或る一点に立ったときにカメラが視た風景を、左上から右下までの様々な焦点で捉えた約二百枚の高解像度画像で記録し、ひとつの作品を制作しています。木々の枝葉が迫り来るような作品は、緑繁る木々の中に足を踏み入れたときの脳の微調整を鑑賞者に追体験させ、「視ること」と「経験すること」の関係性を私たちに問い掛けます。




加納俊輔は、物/素材/レイヤー/循環/反復などをキーワードとしながら、「物の有り様」や「物を視る」という行為の本質を、鑑賞者に問いかける作品を制作しています。第8回shiseido art eggにて発表の「layer of my labor_50(tape on lumber)」は、一見するとただのテープを施された箱のようですが、その表面は、箱にテープを施し撮影しプリントした印画紙を表面に施した箱に、さらにテープを施し撮影するという行為の反復を経たものです。身近なモチーフで構成された作品は、「みたことがある/知っている」と思い込みがちな私たちの認識を揺さぶります。




44様の写真表現アプローチは、然しながら写真が本質的に持つ「事実の記録」という特性を確かに生かした現代美術表現である姿勢において共通しており、私たちが日々の暮らしを営む日常に新たな認識を提示してくれます。KANA KAWANISHI ART OFFICE初企画となる本展覧会、是非ご高覧ください。



■展覧会名         「cognition/recognition」


■参加作家           大島成己、鈴木崇、加納俊輔、安瀬英雄


■会          期           201438日(土)〜510日(土) ※日曜・祝祭日休み


■会          場           UltraSuperNew Gallery  〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前1-1-3  




■営業時間           月曜日〜金曜日 10:00-19:00、土曜日 13:00-18:00


■協          力           Maki Fine Arts、DMO ARTS






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