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Ai Iwane








artist website

2020 October:

Photo London Academy, featured article “Ai Iwane: A New River”   |  English Website

2020 September:

Harper's BAZAAR, featured article     |  和文PDF

2019 November:

Mainichi Newspaper, featured article     |   和文ウェブサイト

2019 July

Mainichi Shinbun, featured article     |   和文ウェブサイト

2019 June:

Solo exhibition “ARMS,” Artist Talk (with Ishiuchi Miyako)     |   和文ウェブサイト  /  和文PDF

2019 June:

Dodooba, solo exhibition “ARMS,” review    |   English Website


2019 May:

Ronza, featured article     |   和文ウェブサイト 前編 / 後編


2019 April:

IMA ONLINE, interview     |   和文ウェブサイト

2019 April:

Asahi Camera, interview and review on the monograph KIPUKA    |   和文PDF

2019 April:

SEIN, review on the monograph KIPUKA (by Mika Kobayashi)       |    和文ウェブサイト  / English Website

2019 March:

Ronza,  featured article (by Yuji Nakae)    |     和文ウェブサイト

2019 March:

Asahi Shinbun Onlinefeatured article (by Miki Morimoto)      |    English Website

2019 March:

Asahi Shinbun Digital, featured article      |    和文ウェブサイト

2019 March:

TOCANA, interview     |    和文ウェブサイト

2019 January:

Nikkei Shinbun Online, Featured article     |    和文ウェブサイト

2018 Dec:

Dodooba, solo exhibition “KIPUKA—Island in My Mind” review     |    English Website

2018 March:

Nikkei Shinbun Online, Featured article     |    和文ウェブサイト

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