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Asuka Katagiri solo exhibition『Multiverse』

artist talk event #1 - #3

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Talk Event #1

The Art of 10 Dimensions—Light, Space, and the Superstring Theory


Hirosi Ooguri × Asuka Katagiri

Date: Friday, September 30th, 19.30 pm - 21.00 pm

Guest Profile


Hirosi Ooguri


Born in 1962 Theoretical physicist

Fred Kavli Professor of Theoretical Physics and Mathematics, California Institute of Technology

Principal Investigator of Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe, University of Tokyo

President of Aspen Center for Physics


Ooguri discovered  mathematical structures within the Quantum Field Theory and Superstring Theory, and developed new theoretical measures to research fundamental matters within particle physics, cosmophysics, and cosmology. Notable achievements include applying the theory to develop the  topological string theory, which led to resolving the quantum natures of the black hole. His contributions are also noteworthy in researches within Conformal Field Theory in 2 dimensions, D-branes of Kalabi-Yau manifold, AdS/CFT correspondence, and the relationship between the supersymmetric nature of the Quantum Field Theory and the Superstring Theory.


His bestselling book What is Gravity (Juryoku towa nanika) was published and sold in five editions of 130 thousand copies. Being one of the world’s leading researchers, he is also renowned for explaining the magnificence of the physics and the universe, using simple works comprehensible to the general audience. Contributions in this direction can be found in NHK Special Theory of Everything , and supervising of The Man from the 9 Dimensions at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.


Comment by Asuka Katagiri:

“In the Superstring Theory, electrons, photons and gravitons are vibrating strings and not particles. The theory is full of surprises such as our space being 9 dimensions, the origin of  mass, holography of gravity, and questions if space and time are mirage. We will approach the mysteries of space.”

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Talk Event #2

“Multiple Universes and Light”


Junichi Yokoyama × Asuka Katagiri

Saturday, October 29th, 15.00 pm - 16.30 pm

Guest Profile


Junichi Yokoyama

Born in 1965 Physicist

Yokoyama specializes in initial cosmology and evolutionary theory of cosmic structure. Professor of Research Center for the Early Universe, Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo. Doctor of Science.


Yokoyama graduated Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo and quit studies from Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo. During his studies at University of Tokyo, he studies under Katsuhiko Sato. Previous professions include; assistant at Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo; Guest Investigator at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory;  Assistant Professor of Yukawa Institute of Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University; Guest Investigator at Stanford University; Assistant Professor of Graduate School of Science, Osaka University. Since 2005 he is at his current profession.


Comment by Asuka Katagiri:

“I became eager to talk with him after reading his book The Reincarnating Space (Rinne suru uchu). This book included historical discoveries from the birth of space to varied cutting-edge theories. Topics I didn’t  know and things that weren’t clear for me were written in this book as though a magnificently woven cloth. The story about 14th Dalai Lama is also interesting.”

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Talk Event #3

“About Seeing, Photography and Light”


Mika Kobayashi × Asuka Katagiri

Date: Saturday, October 29th, 17.00 pm - 18.30 pm


Guest Profile


Mika Kobayashi

Born in 1973 Guest Researcher, Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

Photography researcher


Kobayashi has organized  lectures, workshops and exhibitions at schools and institutions in Japan and abroad. She also contributes articles to magazines. She was engaged in exhibitions and research activities introducing Japanese photography at International Center of Photography (ICP) and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, while she worked in the United States from 2007 to 2008.


Her publications include Perspective to ‘Read’ Photography (Shashin wo ‘yomu’ shiten) (Seikyusha, 2005). Her translations include PhotoSpeak: A Guide to the Ideas, Movements, and Techniques of Photography, 1839 to the Present (joint translation, Showado, 2001), reGeneration: 50 Photographers of Tomorrow Photographs by Various Artists (AKAAKA, 2007), MAGNUM MAGNUM (SEIGENSHA, 2007), and Image Makers, Image Takers (PIE BOOKS, 2008).


Comment by Asuka Katagiri:

“I was grasped my heart to realize what people see (read) in a photograph through reading Perspective to ‘Read’ Photography (Shashin wo ‘yomu’ shiten). I had a chance to talk a little with her about seeing. My interest and her comments linked together, and made me sense there is a vast domain to explore ahead.”


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